The Benefits of Teen Equine Therapy for Boys

Equine therapy is a form of animal-assisted therapy (also known as AAT).  It is effective in treating a number of mental conditions, including depression, conduct disorders, attention-deficit, dissociative disorders, autism, and anxiety.  It can be particularly good for treating teenage boys who are suffering from frustration, because working with horses encourages patience and helps to develop good communication skills.  If you are looking for a treatment therapy for your son, you may want to research the benefits of teen equine therapy for boys.

One of the major benefits of equine therapy is that patients can come to understand themselves better through their interactions with the animals.  For example, therapists will often set up this common exercise: a horse is placed in an arena, and patients are told to get the horse to move into a new area without touching it.  Usually the patients will try to clap their hands and yell at the horse, to no avail.  When the therapist illustrates how a horse can be moved without touching it physically, the students are given an opportunity to understand an alternate method of communication.   Through this exercise, the therapist is able to demonstrate that trying to impose your will on your environment does not always have the intended result.  The patient can then come to appreciate the value of looking for alternative solutions when they are faced with a problem they cannot immediately solve.

Programs that focus on teen equine therapy for boys can be a great way for troubled adolescents to learn how to navigate through their emotional issues.  If you think your son may benefit from such a treatment program, check to see if it is offered at a center near you.

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