The Benefits of Teen Equine Therapy for Girls

For teens and adolescents who may have been in several types of therapy, whether behavioral or emotional, and are resistant to these programs, a new type of therapy is often being recommended. Teen equine therapy for girls has proven to be effective in promoting emotional growth. By working with horses, some teens do not realize that they are even in therapy. Because the therapy takes place outside of a typical office setting, some of the resistant behaviors may fall away.

At the beginning of an equine therapy program, an instructor may have the teenage girl try to move the horse out of a certain area of an arena without touching them at all. For most, this does not work, even though they may clap, yell, whistle and holler. This activity may promote a discussion with the teen about how they might feel when adults or peers in their lives try to make them do something by yelling, guilt or forcing.

Another valuable learning experience in teen equine therapy for girls is about how to lead a horse. Often, girls are not shown how the best way is to do this.  Typically, they will try to stand in front of the horse and pull, but will find that the horse will not be willing to move for them. The learning in this part of therapy will come as the student finds that the best way to lead a horse is to actually walk beside it. The discussions that can apply to this lesson can also be valuable in teens, as they may learn that effective leadership is not about the push or the pull, but instead about working together with others.

This new and innovative form of therapy has proven effective for many teens that have not had much success with traditional forms of therapy. By making sure you work with a certified Equine-Assisted Therapist, your teenage daughter may be able to benefit as well.

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