How Equine Therapy Helps Self Injuring Teens

Any parent who has a self harming teenager knows that there are a number of treatments available; choosing the best one is the hard part.  Teen equine therapy for self injuring teens is one option that should not be forgotten or written off.  For self injuring teens, the benefits of working with horses can be remarkable.

Many self injuring teens may feel isolated, have trouble expressing their emotions, and become locked into their thoughts and emotional patterns.  Equine therapy can help with all of these issues.  The bond with a horse takes trust and effort to develop, and it is a strong and rewarding connection.  Bonding with an animal can help teenagers feel trustful of others and more willing to share their feelings.  Working with a horse also requires teenagers to put aside their own issues and focus on the horse, which is a healthy escape and opportunity for perspective.

Another advantage of equine therapy is that many therapists from different backgrounds agree on its effectiveness.  Sometimes, different branches of psychology take a different view on why a behavior arises and how it should be treated.  People looking into equine therapy will find that therapists practicing various disciplines still recognize its benefits.  Parents of self injuring teens do not want to risk trying a therapy that is ineffective or counterproductive.  Equine therapy is a safe bet that can deliver remarkable results.

The right help can make all of the difference for troubled teens.  Teen equine therapy for self injuring teens can be especially beneficial, and teens are often more receptive to this kind of therapy.  This means that progress toward healthier feelings and coping mechanisms can be made faster, which is something that any parent can appreciate.

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