A Primer on Teen Equine Therapy

Many people have heard about the therapeutic benefits of working with animals.  One of the most time-tested forms of this therapy, equine therapy, can be especially helpful for teenagers.  For parents who are wondering, what is teen equine therapy and how can it help my child, here is a brief overview of equine therapy.

During teen equine therapy, students spend time working with horses to complete exercises.  Common drills might include leading the horse or otherwise coaxing it into doing something that it does not want to.  In time, teens learn that to work with a horse, they must be patient, build trust, and pay close attention to body language.  Horses can be stubborn and resist coercion, so by working with horses, teenagers can gain a little perspective on their own way of handling external pressures.  Teenagers also learn the importance of communication and patience firsthand.

Besides the lessons that teenagers learn while working with horses, there are additional benefits of spending time working with almost any animal.  Interactions with animals can release endorphins, which helps reduce feelings of sadness, stress, and anger.  Working with horses gives teenagers a calming ritual to look forward to on a regular basis.

No one can explain what is teen equine therapy quite like an expert, so parents who are interested in this treatment should make sure to speak with one for more information.  Equine therapy is not the first solution that most parents of troubled teens think of.  However, it can be a very effective way to level out a teenager’s emotions while helping him or her develop healthier behaviors and gain personal insights.

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