How Equine Therapy can Help Your Teen

When most people think of therapy, they think of sitting in a room with a therapist discussing their thoughts and feelings. While this is one of the more traditional forms of therapy, there are actually other types of therapy that can be highly beneficial to teenagers dealing with an emotional or mental disorder. Sometimes, traditional therapy can be intimidating for teenagers who have a hard time expressing themselves or explaining how they feel. Equine therapy can be a great alternative, and it is something that many teenagers will enjoy and look forward to. There are several teen equine therapy benefits.

Equine therapy is a therapy that uses a horse. Teenagers often have to do things such as get the horse to move to a certain area without touching it, or leading a horse with a rope. These techniques will show teenagers that horses will not listen if you yell or try to force them to do something. Overtime, they can learn to apply these techniques to their interactions with other people.

Some of the teen equine therapy benefits include things like trust, confidence, self acceptance and worth, social skills, impulse control, decreased isolation, and the ability to communicate better. If you have a teenager that is struggling with a mental or emotional disorder, then equine therapy can offer them many advantages. Not only that, but it is a fun therapy that many teenagers will enjoy and have fun doing. This means that they are less likely to resist or stop participating.