Effective Equine Therapy for Alcohol Abuse

For many people, the first time drinking alcohol was in their teen years. According to a recent report, alcohol is the drug that is most commonly used by teens from 12 to 17 years old. When teens were asked why they started drinking, 79 percent said it was because “it feels good.” Others say it is because they want to forget problems, or because of peer pressure.

No matter what the reason was for the first drink, alcohol abuse among teens is a growing problem in America. Drinking tends to lead to other risky behaviors such as auto accidents, suicides and risky sexual behaviors. Many parents today, upon finding that their teen may have been abusing alcohol look for a remedy for the problem. One effective remedy is teen equine therapy for alcohol abuse.

Though teens may cite peer pressure and boredom as the main reasons for drinking, often the underlying reasons are much larger. A lack of self confidence, depression, even social anxieties may be the real reasons teens are choosing to drink much more freely. With equine therapy, some of these underlying issues can be addressed, thus having a higher rate of effectiveness than other forms of therapy.

Equine therapy can help teens learn firsthand about self esteem, communication, respect and creative expression. These are all things that can be taken back into a real world environment and used for the rest of the teen’s life.

By looking for a reputable rehab program featuring teen equine therapy for alcohol abuse, you may be giving your child the best chance at recovery. Wouldn’t it be great if, along with recovery, your teen could learn more about themselves and gain self confidence too!