Teen Equine Therapy Challenges the Idea of What Therapy Can Be

If you are a parent who is searching for the right type of therapy for your teen, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.  There are so many types of therapy that it can be difficult to know which one is best.  There is cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy and the list goes on and on.  If your teen responds well to experiential learning, to nature and to animals, equine therapy might be a great therapeutic fit.  Teen equine therapy challenges the idea of what therapy can be and works well for young people that need to be active and creative.  Here are a few facts and a few of the benefits that this unique therapy offers.

Equine therapy is a healing process that is centered on working with horses in a natural environment.  This physically active practice and the outdoors setting make equine therapy fun for many teens.  Teens often feel more comfortable opening up emotionally and less self-conscious about being vulnerable when moving around with the horses.

Equine therapy also allows teens who are not as verbally communicative to still participate in a therapeutic process.  Horses do not need the teens to speak at great length about the issues that they are facing.  Rather, horses need the teens to focus on their body language, their tone, and their overall movement to create the right communication.  Ironically, through the process of understanding a horse’s non-verbal communication, many teens improve their verbal abilities and learn how to articulate their own thoughts more fully.

Raising teens in the world today can feel like a gigantic test of strength.  Teen equine therapy challenges the idea of what therapy can be and offers a unique method of support for teens that need it.

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