Teen Equine Therapy Helps Build Trust and Confidence

If your teen is experiencing any behavioral issues, you know how difficult that situation can be for yourself and for your family.  Equine therapy could be one way to help your teen find a way out of a difficult situation.  Equine therapy helps build trust and confidence in teens through the use of horses.  Ironically, a horse can be the best entity for helping your teen to build trusting relationships with other people.

Equine therapy involves using horses to help facilitate the healing process for clients.  It can help teens to open up about their emotions and to learn how to relate to other people.  For many teens, it can be very difficult to learn how to trust.  This difficulty can stem from a deep fear of rejection or pain from a past trauma.  Because of that fear, teens often shut down or negatively act out when faced with personal relationships.

Working with horses can help teens build up their confidence.  Teens can feel the affection given to them by the horses.  Horses are also renowned for their ability to mirror emotions that are being experienced by humans.  If a person is anxious or angry, the horse will often refuse to work with that person.  If a person is calm, the horse will also be calm and will allow the person to come close and even stroke its mane.  This process can help teens learn how to manage their emotional states effectively and safely.

Equine therapy helps build trust and confidence in teens when they are at a pivotal stage in their lives.  If you have a teen that would benefit from this unique type of therapy, be sure to look into practices near you.

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