Teen Equine Therapy Helps Overcome Drug Addiction

Drug use in American teens has only risen in the last 40 years. In fact, by 8th grade, 15 percent of teens have used marijuana. Teens whose parents make sure to talk to them about the risks of drug use from time to time are about 40% less likely to try drugs than their peers who have no such discussions with their parents.

There are many reasons that teens try drugs. Sometimes the reasons have to do with a peer group that is trying out a new thing. Other times, it may be a social nervousness that causes a teen to turn to drugs in an effort to feel normal. No matter what the reason for first trying a drug, abuse and addiction generally follow.

If you have found your teen to be one of the many struggling with addiction, you may want to look into teen equine therapy for drug abuse. With this type of therapy, horses are used in a therapeutic setting. By allowing the teen struggling with drug abuse to bond with a horse and take care of its basic needs, from grooming to feeding and exercise, your teen may be able to learn a new way to focus and take responsibility.

Because those who struggle with drug addictions typically experience feelings of inadequacy and lack self confidence, teen equine therapy for drug abuse may be one of the most effective types of therapy available. As the teen works to gain the trust of a horse and build a relationship of trust, they will also be able to gain self confidence and the feeling of a job well done.

If your teen is struggling with drug abuse, you may want to look into equine therapy with a qualified treatment center. Chances are good that your teen will learn and grow in some very good and very unexpected ways!

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