Teen Equine Therapy Helps Social Skills Improve

There are so many difficulties that teens face today.  Fitting in, getting good grades, finding friends and considering their future plans are all part of the daily adolescent maelstrom.  As they make their way in the world, your teens may fall into some bad habits or challenging situations.  When that happens, it can make you feel helpless as a parent.  How do you get through to your teens?  One possible way to do that is through an innovative therapy called equine therapy.  Equine therapy helps social skills improve for teens, so they can learn how to relate to other people in respectful and healthy ways.  Here is a little bit of background on this novel therapy.

Equine therapy uses horses to help teach teens about self-confidence, communication, and relationships.  Horses are actually very social animals and they each display unique personality traits.  This sociability allows for lots of opportunities for positive interactions with teen clients.  However, because each horse has its own likes and dislikes, teens have to learn how to read each horse’s body language correctly.  This process takes time, focus and hard work.  Many teens find that the work is worth it, in order to achieve a connection with the horse.  This process mentally cements the link between the labor required in order to build a relationship and the positive sentiment that results from a real connection.

In today’s world, there are so many factors that can try and pull your teen down the wrong path.

They may need your help, as a parent, to get back on the right track.  Equine therapy helps social skills improve for teens that need help in that area.  For more information, search online to find the practice that is closest to you.

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